Have you been to the Small Arms Inspection Building yet? If you’re a local artist or someone who has an interest in art, then you really need to make your way to 1352 Lakeshore Road East, and indulge yourself.

The Small Arms Inspection Building is an art haven; where you can host events of your own, or partake in incredible installations and events. Well, the next exciting event is taking place on February 7th, and it’s a free music concert! Check out the description below:

“The JUNOS are coming … to London. But you can catch a preview here in Mississauga featuring hometown artists Arlene Paculan and No Big Deal. The Host City Music Exchange is presented by the 2019 JUNO Host Committee in partnership with the London Music Office, Music Ontario and Ontario Creates and is an opportunity for cities to showcase local, up and coming artists. Mississauga artists will be joined by London’s own Casper Marcus and Julia Haggarty. The London artists will visit Munden Public School in Mississauga to promote and support music education. They will also participate in a panel discussion on the music industry – another event that is free and open to the public.”

The doors open at 5:00 PM on Thursday but before the concert begins, there will be a few panels to attend. Check out the official schedule below, with links to the artists that will be at the show, as well as breakdowns of each panel:

8:00 PM Arlene Music
8:45 PM Casper Marcus
8:30 PM Julia Haggarty

  • Panel 1: Meet Your Allies in Ontario’s Music Industry
    This panel will connect attendees with music industry associations so that local artists and entrepreneurs know each of their functions, how to reach out to them, and what kinds of resources they can leverage from each.
  • Panel 2: Building Your Team & Understanding the Biz
    A strategic dive into the various cogs in the industry wheel, how they work together, and how emerging artists and entrepreneurs can build lasting professional relationships.

The Host City Music Exchange will be a great way to experience some local and non-local musicians, as well as meet some like-minded people. It will be a fantastic networking opportunity and well worth a visit for any budding artists. And, let’s not forget, it’s completely free! Just register at this link, and come to the Small Arms Inspection Building on Thursday evening!