Finding a good restaurant can be difficult, as it means having to go to a number of different locations in order to judge whether this place is right for you.

Don’t worry though as we did the work for you and have put together a list of the restaurants in Streetsville that you absolutely need to try if you haven’t already.

6Border MX

Coming off being voted the best Mexican restaurant in Mississauga, this restaurant has a lot going for it. From the family like atmosphere you get the moment you step into the restaurant to the food which is lovingly prepared from scratch by Chef Viri Rico. You definitely need to give this place a try, as the El Pastor burrito is to die for. If you want a truly authentic Mexican experience this is the place to go to.

5Burger Legend


When you have the word legend in your name you have a lot to live up to. Well this restaurant definitely lives up to the name, offering burgers named after some of Canada’s legends like the Great One. This place unlike some other burger restaurants, prides itself on providing fresh ingredients that are made in house. If you’re a bit of a skeptic then just take one bite of their poutine and you’ll definitely taste the Canadian difference.  


You’re probably already familiar with this place, as there are new Osmow’s locations popping up as I’m typing. But who doesn’t love an original, as you can really taste for yourself why this restaurant is becoming a sensation within Canada. Just don’t forget that it all started at a small store in Streetsville. 

Looking for more suggestions? Here are few more places in Streetsville you need to check out

3Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub

Cuchulainns Pub Burger

Essentially described as a taste of Greece within Streetsville. You’ll get your classic Greek staples like the Gyros, salads and fresh souvlaki made in house. All good things tend not to be the healthiest, but guess what? The food at this place is made fresh and will take you on a  you’re on the coast in Greece, right in Mississauga.   


This is a Mediterranean restaurant that is slowly becoming a staple within the Streetsville area. With the classic offerings you may already be familiar with like chicken shawarma “on-z-rocks” to more mediterranean offerings like gyros and falafel. You’ll get a healthy option here and the best part is that there are a number of specials that will help you enjoy the foods you love, while saving you some money as well.    

1Enzo’s Two Guys From Italy

This location is another great staple within the Streetsville area, as it is a family run location. With some incredibly delicious Italian food made fresh every time, you’ll taste the love and care that goes into every bite of food. All the pasta dishes here will make your taste buds dance, with the gnocchi (one of our favs) being absolutely out of this world. You owe it to yourself to come here and have that true Italian experience, full of love and most importantly FOOD!