We often wax lyrical about our love for Benares Historic House in Clarkson; a heritage site that hosts weekly events and celebrates the storied past of Mississauga. Just recently they hosted a Mystery Tea event that combines your love of Victorian Era with murder mysteries!

And the fun is set to continues with one of the most unqiue events the historic house has ever hosted. Of course, as you’ve gleaned from the title, we’re talking about Fantastic Beasts of Benares; a Harry Potter themed day of fun. Read more about the event right here:

Featuring all things wizarding, Fantastic Beasts of Benares packs a historic house with two days full of potion making, spell casting classes, crafts, games and prizes. Don’t miss out on fun for all ages with quill writing in invisible ink, an artisans market, visits with real life beasts, tastes of your favourite wizarding world treats, and many more magical surprises.

Make sure to bring your wand to the Museums of Mississauga’s most magical event of the year!

As the description above suggests, the event is for all Potter fans, regardless of age. So come with friends or with your kids, and have a blast making potions, and buy unique goodies at the artisan wizard market. You’re highly encouraged to come in your robes from Madam Malkin’s and bring your wand from Ollivander’s, otherwise you might look ridiculous!

This is a must-visit for all Harry Potter aficionados, and it’s happening on Saturday October 26th and Sunday October 27th, from 12 PM to 4 PM, both days. Tickets cost $8.81 for adults, $6.25 for children, and $22.04 for a family of five, and they can be purchased here. It’s going to be a blast for all ages and will be a good chance to spread your love of all things the wizarding world. See ya there muggles!