Hyperbole is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It’s something we all do on a daily basis; make bold, exaggerated statements that we know aren’t true. And it’s perhaps most evident when we discuss the weather.

Every day you’ll hear people complain about the cold, no matter what the temperature actually is. However this winter has been rather mild, all things considered. We’ve never really been snowed-in, and the temperatures have hit some good lows but never sustained.

So we thought it would be interesting to take a quick look back at history and figure out if this has been the mildest winter in some time, if ever. To do so, we used Mississauga.ca/weatherstats to look back at the record high and low temperatures, going all the way back to 1937.

So we have near one hundred years of data to work with. Firstly, what has been the lowest recorded temperature this winter (19/20)? So far, that number is -20.6°, however the average is lower than that. And it’s important to note that, while the actual temperature is one thing, what it feels like with winds and such is actually a lot lower.

Anyways, the lowest recorded temperature in 2018 was 22.8°, and 2017 saw 23.5°, however the average those years was a lot lower because of sustained snow and temperatures in the minus. In fact, 2019/2020 is the mildest winter until we go back to 2012, where the record low was -16.5.

However that isn’t the mildest winter on record. That title goes to 2005/2006, where the lowest recorded temperature was -14.5. Those who remember might recall that that season actually started out quite poorly with unusual lows and snowfall in December, but January, February, and March were bizarrely warm. 2005/2006 was certainly a milder winter than the one we’re currently enjoying, but the averages aren’t actually that far apart.

So, while the 2019/2020 winter stats have been skewed by some low temperatures, the actual season overall has been quite mild indeed. And it will be interesting to see how long the tail is on this winter, will it be over by mid-March?

With all that said, it certainly isn’t as mild as that of 2006, nor a number of other years on record. It’s been a pretty great winter, all thing considered, so let’s be grateful for that! And if you want to know what the worst winter in Mississauga’s history was, just click here!