Co-working Spaces Across Mississauga’s Neighbourhoods

If you finally made the decision to start your own business, go freelance or remote, working from home is probably part of the plan.  As a small business owner, it’s essential to watch every penny, and leasing or renting office space can be expensive and a commitment.  Working from home may seem like a sound strategy.

And it does work for some entrepreneurs.  But for others, there are some significant drawbacks.  For one, the dedicated quiet zone for your office at home can prove to be not so quiet and not so dedicated.  Remember that live BBC news interview that went viral on YouTube showing a respected political expert skyping with a news anchor in real time when his small kids burst into his office and started running about in front of the camera?  Everyone who works from home identified with this scenario!

There are other reasons why working from home all the time is not ideal.  It may make you feel isolated.  Your house may not be suitable for business meetings, or you may need business equipment that is not currently affordable.  That is why the shared office spaces concept, also referred to as co-working workspaces, has taken off like a rocket.

Co-working workspaces are usually membership-based workspaces where diverse groups of entrepreneurs, remote workers and freelancers work together in a communal setting that provides all the amenities and facilities of a professional office.

Mississauga offers many different options for shared office spaces.  These range from renting a desk for an hour or two to a fully-furnished executive package with all the admin, IT and business support you may need— and anything in-between that your specific needs require and your funds allow.

Each coworking space has its own vibe, so it’s best to book a visit and check out what each offers that’s a bullseye for you.  Here are just a few samples of co-working spaces across Mississauga neighbourhoods.

East Mississauga: Innovative Professional Offices

Innovative Professional Offices offers a range of traditionally furnished, single private/shared team/executive and virtual office spaces available, and you can customize your package with support services to suit your needs.  At single private level, you get free access to breakout rooms, reduced rates for boardrooms and equipment, mail and package handling services, a permanent business mailing and address, and your business name on the directory.  Various other services offered at an additional fee.

Central Mississauga: Venture X

Venture X bills itself as the “new boutique hotel and modern office style.”  Located near Square One, it aims to offer its members stylish and inspirational workspaces.  According to its website, “From the moment you walk in thru our doors, our inviting café bar, lounge and open concept spaces will make you love coming to work every day.”

West Mississauga: Syntex Drive–l5n-ref-13911.html

Syntex Drive is located in the Meadowvale area, on a third floor of a modern building.  Their offices look out on parks, trails and conservation areas—restful and inspiring, but come summer time, it may be a distraction!  Still, the building hosts many Fortune 500 headquarters, so apparently the view and location are a definite benefit.

South Mississauga:  Dixie Outlet Mall Living Room

This one is unique in many ways.  It’s an open space within the Dixie Outlet mall, adaptable to a wide range of uses, and at zero-cost to users.  Called the Living Room, it has movable wall dividers which can transform the various areas of the space to suit specific functions/uses.  It also offers free WiFi, tables and chairs—your basic office set-up.

Apart from a ready office set-up, connections with others is a big reason why people choose to work in a communal space.  You can network as much or as little as you want with other business owners, learning about relevant business events and developments in Mississauga that might be useful as you forge ahead with growing your own venture.