Mississauga is a city full of natural beauty, incredible restaurants and a diverse culture of people. However Mississauga also has a plethora of hidden gems; relatively unknown spots that provide their community with quality service.

For today’s hidden gem, we’re going to uncover Zest For Living. Zest is a store in Port Credit, right along the main street, that sells home decor, knickknacks, gifts, and clothing, and helps with all your party prep.

The window of Zest is littered with eye-catching furnishings, from wall signs to pillows, side tables to ornaments, and everything in between. Upon entering the store you’ll find an expanded version of the window scene: organised chaos.

Wall-to-wall, Zest For Living has countless objects to peruse and it often takes two or more full circles of the store to see everything. Every item is for sale but they’re organised to look like a lived-in space and it takes a while to see what’s hidden throughout. Customers are encouraged to take their time and inspect every nook and cranny.

Zest has various sections throughout the store, divided by theme, so near the door you will find a cottage section that houses various furniture and styling’s that will transform your getaway into a second home. Beyond that you will find a funny sock section, a nautical section, a new-born children section, a clothing section, and a commemorative gift section. Rather impressively, the store is rearranged and stock is updated on a weekly basis, meaning every-time you enter the store it looks different.

The owner of the store, Lucie Zima, prides herself on having something for everyone. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can definitely find something in Zest that you will want to adorn your home with, as such is the curation of the items on sale. Not to mention the store changes stock with every holiday season; Halloween brings with it a mesmerising array of fall colours, scarves and gloves, skeletal figures, and ornamental trick or treat servers in the form of pop culture icons. Christmas sees the similarly altered and fantastically festive.

When you walk into Zest, you walk into a room full of potential. What might immediately look like a chaotic mess, quickly becomes an intricately designed fandom of all things homey. Whether it some new pillows with an inspirational quote, Christmas-themed salt & pepper shakers, or an expensive wedding gift, Zest really does have something for you.

You might want to just stop in for a quick look around but chances are you will leave with a new item, and chances are you’ll be back for more. Thus is the charm of Zest For Living, one of Mississauga’s hidden gems.