May 10th is going to be a Mother’s Day like no other. We’re all stuck indoors, and the majority of us aren’t going to get anywhere near our mother’s for so much as a hug. However that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate and let them know how much they mean to us.

First and foremost, we’re unable to take our mother’s out for the usual brunch of high tea like we normally would. So getting them a gift is more important than ever. Naturally we put together a quick list of gift idea’s that should suit most mothers, including husbands buying wives in the name of their children. But you’ll need to get in and do your ordering ASAP if you want it to arrive on time.

If you can’t order online, worry not because as of this past Monday the local garden centres are open again. So you can stop by Springbank Greenhouses or Home Depot to grab some beautiful flowers for your mum. Of course, if you’re not living with your mum or the mother of your children, then you’ll need to do something outside the box.

So why not head to their home and decorate their front door? This is a simple but really sweet way to let them know you care. All you need is some flowers, chocolates, signs, wreathes, or whatever you can think of. This can be a cheap DIY way of celebrating, and it’s the effort that counts.

And the most obvious way to spend this Mother’s Day is virtually. Getting your mother on the phone or (preferably) on Skype or the like, and having a nice long talk with them. However that doesn’t have to be all, you could send them some drinks or food, and have a meal over the internet together. It’s not ideal but it’s better than nothing. Of course, if you’re living in the same house then there’s no reason you can’t go all out and make them a beautiful spread (or order one from the many great restaurants still open).m

And our final idea is to have an appropriately socially distanced picnic. You can head to your mum’s house and set-up a picnic in their yard, then bring them out to sit on a comfy chair a safe distance from yourself. Bring their favourite foods and whatever gifts you managed to get, and a have a wonderful family day in the (slight) sun.

All of this might seem a big much but you do what you can under the circumstances. Nobody wants to put their parents’ health at risk right now, so having a unqiue Mother’s Day is the only way to safely celebrate this year. Show your mum you care this weekend.