By:  Monica Kucharski

Yes, it’s coming soon to the ballot location near you!

The middle of Fall may seem still a long way off  (especially with the current hot weather), but October 22—the day Mississaugans will be voting for the person they want as their Mayor, Ward Councillor, and School Board Trustee— is just around the corner.

What does this election mean to you?  Think about it this way.  Do you want to have a say in how your tax money is spent in your community and in Mississauga at large?  Do you want to see the person who best represents what you believe in, in a position to make important decisions about what happens in your neighbourhood, at your kids’ school, and across Sauga?

That’s what municipal elections are all about.

All candidates have now been registered (deadline for registration was July 27th), so it’s now off to the races. In total, 154 candidates have registered to run in this year’s municipal election, with those seeking the School Board Trustee position making up much of the list.

Mississauga has 11 city wards.  Each ward will elect one city councillor who, along with the mayor, will also serve as a regional councillor at the Region of Peel.   Public school trustees are elected in two city wards each, except in Ward 5.

In contrast to provincial elections, which have just been held, municipal elections do not have political parties.  In these elections, it’s not the party loyalty that may influence the vote – it’s all about individual candidates’ experience, achievements, and vision.

So, who is running to be the decision-maker on your behalf?

With 154 candidates, the list is too long to present here, but if you go to and click on “Who’s Running” tab, you’ll  get the full list categorized by mayoral candidates, ward councillor candidates and school board trustees candidates, complete with contact info and, in some instances, website links to learn more about the candidate.

And in case it’s your first time at the ballot or are new to Mississauga, here’s the link to find out in which ward you live:

Go ahead and check out the candidates who are seeking your vote on October 22nd. We’ll be running a weekly segment profiling the various races, candidates and issues in this election—starting with the mayoral race next week—so stay tuned!