Stores open and close every week but few are worth bring attention to. Well, this week we’ve got one definitely worth bringing your attention to!

Dixie Mall is about to become the home to Canada’s first Nike Clearance Store! Yes, not only are Dixie regulars going to get a Nike store, but one that offers perpetual sales on one of the top brand shoes in the world.

The store is set to open next month (October), just ahead of the busy holiday season. If you’ve been to Dixie Mall in recent times you may already know this because the soon-to-be-store, which is located towards the northern entrance that houses Urban Planet and Boathouse, has a large front anticipating the opening.

The image above gives you an indication of the kind of store you will be perusing next month. Shoes galore but also all other types of Nike wearables that you’d regularly pay a small fortune for, but in Dixie Mall you’ll get them for a significantly discounted price.

This is a huge addition to Dixie Mall, particularly because it’s the first of its kind in the country. Nike Clearance Stores exist in the States and they’ve been a huge success, so expect this one to attract folks from all over Mississauga and beyond. Maybe do yourself a favour and get in there before Black Friday!