Mississauga is quickly becoming a go-to filming destination for Hollywood. We’ve all known for years that Toronto and the surrounding areas are used in the majority of movies nowadays, especially those pretending to be New York, but Mississauga is quickly becoming every bit as popular – Click here to learn about five films made here in Mississauga.

Well, we’re going from strength to strength in regards to movies and television production here in the city. A fact that has been compounded by the opening of a brand new production studio at 1850 Matheson Boulevard East. The new facility is owned and operated by CBS, and here’s a quick little announcement made by those in charge:

Congrats to MPA member @CBS on the official opening of “CBS Stages Canada”! The 260,000 sq ft state-of-the art production facility in #Mississauga #Ontario will create hundreds of high-skilled jobs for local creators, technical artists and talent.

The new facility is, as the above info stated, over 200,000 square feet in size and includes six sound stages, offices, and auxillary services to assist in movie and TV production on a grand scale. Beyond the obvious new filming possibilities, the studio will also offer a plethora of jobs.

CBS is responsible for TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, NCIS, 60 Minutes, Star Trek: Discovery, The Good Wife, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. CBS has also produced many movies throughout the years, so we can expect plenty of TV shows and movies to be made in the area.

The new CBS Stages Canada studio opened on September 26th with a ceremony attended by Mayor Bonnie Crombie, who professed her excitement at the possibilities the new studio brings to the city. With Netflix already frequenting Mississauga on a monthly basis, it’s certainly exciting times for any aspiring filmmakers or actors in the city! Break a leg!