It’s been a long time coming, but the giant Japanese retailer, Uniqlo, has finally opened its doors for business in Square One Shopping Mall!

The store was first announced to be coming to the Mall last year, and it’s been under constant construction since. Thankfully, the 15,000 square foot store is open now and it’s worth a visit for anyone looking some great new fashion items!

Uniqlo specialises in quality clothing items for men, women, and children, at reasonable prices – not dissimilar to a store like Simon’s or Hudson’s Bay, but a tad more modern. One thing you’ll find in abundance at Uniqlo, is winter jackets, so you can get a jump-start on the freezing weather! And beyond that there’s everything from tops and jeans to pyjamas and slippers. It may be the perfect store to hit-up for some socks and underwear for all your cousins Christmas presents!

Uniqlo marks the first store in the massive westward expansion of Square One; a growth that will make our mall the second biggest in North America! That expansion will continue into 2019 with several huge additions to the mall, including a new food court, which you can read all about here!

Uniqlo is open for business right now in Square One, and it’s already popular. So if you feel like scoring some great Asian wares for your loved ones this Christmas, you may want to do it soon before it becomes too busy. So head to Square One mall today and try out it’s newest and biggest retail store to date!