If you like to skate, but take no interest in being outside in windy and sometimes muggy conditions that come with it — Mississauga is home to some great indoor ice rinks that will allow you to indulge in your ice skating dreams.

From Meadowvale to Streetsville, you’re sure to find an opportunity to unleash your inner ice skater. So here are some of the best indoor ice rinks in Mississauga that do in fact have free drop in skate sessions if you’re interested.

1Iceland Mississauga (705 Matheson Boulevard E)

Iceland Mississauga is home to some of the best indoor ice skating arenas. With 3 recreational rinks, along with a giant Olympic sized ice surface for those looking to experience their Olympic dreams.

There are also a wide variety of different drop-in events, such as hockey for every age group. It is best to call ahead to check ice skating rinks’ hours of public operation or conditions at outdoor skating spots. If you don’t own your skates, confirm the availability of rentals, as well.

2Erin Mills Twin Arenas (3205 Unity Drive)

Erin Mills Twin Arenas has two great recreational  ice surfaces, which provide opportunities to skate all year round. The arena also facilitates a wide variety of active programs for every age group.

The programs include a Learn to Skate opportunity where your young one can learn the fundamentals required to skate. There are also a number of different drop-in programs like Ice-Hockey and Public Skating times which offer a relaxed and fun opportunity to just enjoy doing what you love.

3Meadowvale 4 Rinks Arena (2160 Torquay Mews)

As the name of the arena suggests there are 4 recreational sized ice rinks, ensuring that anyone dropping in has the opportunity to skate. Speaking of drop-in, the arena facilitates a number of different programs for every age group.

From seniors hockey to drop-in lessons for those trying to introduce the game to their little one. There are also fun skate opportunities held throughout the week for those who want to get back to their past time or just bond with the kids.

4Vic Johnston Community Centre (335 Church St)

For many, the Vic Johnston Community Centre is a staple within the Streetsville area. As it has been around for the past 5 decades, the centre has grown with the community around it. While providing a haven for local hockey in the area, which can be seen through the arena’s commitment to the SHL (Streetsville Hockey League).

The community centre has 1 regulation sized ice rink, which provides plenty of room for you to skate to your heart’s content. Like some of the other rinks on this list, there are similar programs offered such as learn to skate and stick and puck (for those parents trying to introduce hockey to their kids). For those looking for fun skate opportunities, they are being held every Thursday.