Mississauga is something of a hotbed for food. There’s restaurants, fast food joints, and eateries everywhere you turn, with a mind-boggling array of diversity and culture to boot.

Despite that excess of choice, most of us stick with the same handful of go-to spots for our meals. A while back we talked about UberEats, and how it made eating-out easier, by bringing the food to you in the same way you use the taxi service. Well, what if I said there was a similar app, but one that was aimed at finding you the cheapest meal out there? That sounds pretty great, huh?

Up until now, the only way to get your hands on a good food deal, was to use the coupons you receive in the mail every month or so. Most of us don’t even use the coupons because they’re a pain to cut out and carry around. Well, the InstaEats app serves to benefit both customers and consumers, by keeping you up-to-date with the latest deals and all in one handy app.

The app allows for business owners to list their most recent offers on the app. Meaning, you open the app and you’re greeted with a plethora of offers from local eateries. Local business can sign-up to be a part of the app, and highlight their latest and best food deals, which customers can then take advantage of.

The InstaEats app is the natural evolution of the physical coupons you get in the mail. The app is intuitive and well worth checking out, if you want to grab great deals on food throughout Mississauga. The app is great for finding the best deals and eating on a budget, so forget about cutting out the old paper coupons and grab hold of the app for free!

Eventually, the app will work throughout Canada, and then in the States, and beyond. The goal, as always, is world domination, but for now the creators are focused on the GTA. For business owners that want to register their business to showcase deals, you can sign-up here. As for the likes of you and me, the InstaEats app is available for both iPhone and Android phones right now, on the respective stores.