So we’re currently in mid November and Christmas is quickly moving from an afterthought to the forefront of our minds. The Toronto Christmas parade happened a few days ago and Celebration Square will officially light-up this coming weekend. However that begs the question for many citizens, both Christmas lovers and Grinches alike; is it too soon?

I’ll be up front and get my personal feelings out of the way: I love Christmas, I love the movies, I love the snow, I love the music, I love the food, I love giving and receiving gifts, I love the atmosphere, I love what it represents, and everything the season entails. That being said, I’m someone who doesn’t normally start celebrating or embracing Christmas in any way until December 1st. So, with my personal feelings accounted for, we can move on to speaking in generalities.

Every year it seems Christmas comes earlier. Which sounds like a strange, vague statement, but it’s true. Nowadays you start seeing Christmas decorations in stores at the same time as Halloween goodies, which wasn’t the case some 10+ years ago. Whether it’s Walmart, Dollarama, Canadian Tire, Party City, or wherever, chances are you’ll be able to start buying little ornaments, chocolates, and decor from mid-to-late October.

Obviously, we can just chalk that up to consumerism. These big stores stock the shelves with enticing Christmas goodies earlier and earlier because they know we’ll buy them. So rather than just making profit for the month of December, they also get it from October and November.

Cynical reasons aside though, it’s more interesting to ask whether or not we, the royal we, should put up our Christmas decorations in November? Of course, you find plenty of nuts who opt for Christmas decor instead of Halloween in October, but what about those who want to put up the Xmas goodies as soon as November 1st? Are they insane?

Well it’s all personal preference at the end of the day. If someone adores Christmas and wants to celebrate it for more than just one month, who’s to say that’s wrong? Particularly when the weather is kinda crappy, the Christmas lights and cheer make it a lot more manageable. Of course, the flip-side is people who don’t enjoy the music, the movies, the food, or the lights, and are forced to endure it week after week. Is it fair to them to start the season earlier and earlier?

Well, Christmas is a rather special time with people feeling more kind and generous, events occurring across the world, and children filled with glee. It’s the best time of year, even for those who aren’t from a Christian background or those who completely ignore the origins of the holiday – which is most of us, let’s be honest.┬áSo if people want to get in the spirit earlier than most, I say more power to them.

However we want to know what you think. Do you think earlier decorators are insane? Does your skin-crawl at the sight of colourful LED bulbs in November? Does the sound of Elvis’ velvety tones singing I’ll Be Home For Christmas make you want to rip your ears off? Let us know by voting in the poll below!

Is November To Soon For Christmas Decorations?