Square One’s aggressive expansion in 2018 is set to continue with the opening of a brand new Japanese discount store.

Known as the Asian equivalent of Dollarama, MINISO is “a global retail leader that is upending the high-quality, low-cost industry.” Having been to a MINISO store, it’s certainly a step-up from Dollarama in terms of quality and organisation, however it certainly keeps in the same price range.

The store sells similar products to Dollarama, from stationary to cosmetics, homeware to toys and lots, lots more. The average price of items in MINISO range from $2-$5, so you’re definitely going to get some high-quality products for cheap deals.

You may be surprised to learn that this isn’t the first MINISO store in Mississauga however, just recently the brand opened a location at Erin Mills Town Centre. You can find the store near Hudson’s Bay on the lower level.

MINISO has seen some incredible expansion since it’s founding in 2013, as explained on the official website; “As one of the world’s fastest growing retailers, the brand’s ambitious approach to expansion has been successful in markets including Asia and Australia. With a goal of opening 6,000 stores globally by 2020, MINISO’s rapid-fire growth has averaged at 80 to 100 store openings per month.” The ultimate goal for the brand – in Canada – is to have around 500 operating stores, so expect to see more in Mississauga than just the Square One and Erin Mills locations.

MINISO is set to open sometime in May, although there has been no confirmation as to where it will be situated within the mall. Keep your eyes peeled during May for the new store and be sure to drop in and grab a bargain!