In need of a new weekend activity with your buddies? Are you tired of golf, bowling, billiards, or just sitting in bars? Well then we have an event that is sure to break you out of your rut and give your weekend a makeover.

The Rec Room at Square One Mall is the new entertainment complex that opened earlier in the year. It’s proven a huge success with people from all over Mississauga heading there to eat great food and have endless fun. One such fun activity that has been popular at The Rec Room is axe-throwing.

Rec Room Axe Throwing

The odd pastime has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and become more accessible than archery and the like. It’s the natural (and more dangerous) evolution of bowling, and it’s way more fun. So if you haven’t tried it we implore you to give it a go. If you’re already a fan or somewhat experienced, then The Rec Room is offering a competition you might want to check out:

YOU AXED, WE DELIVERED! Introducing The Rec Room’s first ever Axe Throwing League. Join us in teams of two as we search for the first Axe Throwing champs of Mississauga! $60 per player (Teams of 2) for 6 weeks of League play! Starts July 15. Monday Nights at 7PM! Register by emailing¬†¬†Prizes: 2 x $100 Gift Cards 2 x $50 Gift Cards 2 x $25 Gift Cards Give us your best shot!

The event started on July 15th and was a big hit, but you can still join in the fun. The next competition nights are on July 29th, August 5th, 12th, and 19th. If you’re feeling competitive and wanna have some fun with friends, then you should come to The Rec Room on one of the specified dates above and join the axe-throwing league. Make sure you come up with a cool team name though, how about Axecellent?