Is there any such thing as too much karaoke? Well, probably yeah. However, karaoke every now and again is a hella fun night out with friends. There’s a few different locations in Mississauga that offer karaoke but today we want to bring your attention to a rather special one.

Are you aware of the Port Credit Legion? Royal Canadian Legions can be found throughout Canada and they serve as a social point for former military, police, army and sea cadets. Of course, the Legions welcome everyone, regardless of your service, but they act as a place for veterans to meet and socialise. And the Port Credit location can be found at 35 Front Street North, right by the Credit River.

The Port Credit Legion has been around for longer than most of us, and it offers some great events and deals on a daily basis. For example, you can get cheap beer pitchers every day, BBQ’s, as well as live music on Saturday day and night. One of those cheap beer pitchers is perfect while sitting on the patio that overlooks the Credit River. It’s truly an underrated setting.

Sunday nights however, offer karaoke and dancing! That’s right, from 4-9 PM every Sunday, you can come and enjoy some karaoke and take part if you’re bold enough. As a bonus, there is no cover price to get in, and there is free parking available nearby. There will also be a live DJ to keep things going. Minimum age requirement is 19.

The Port Credit Legion is a great place to get some food, a drink, and enjoy some music, or belt one out yourself. Next time you’re looking for a place to go, give the Legion a shot. Check out the poster below for more details on the Karaoke nights.