Square One is home to just about every type of store under the sun. 2018 has been very kind to Square One, bringing a plethora of new stores like Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Links of London, Nike, and Sansotei Ramen, to name but a few.

A new store that is headed to Square One in September however, brings something fairly unique to the mall, as well as a pretty special name.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels will be opening on level 2 of Square One, near entrance 3, and by stores like Hudson’s Bay, Papyrus, and Roots. Henckels is a long-running company, dating as far back as 1731, that specialises in high-quality kitchen products and home decor.

Zwilling’s kitchen knives are extremely popular because of their very high-quality. Naturally, high-quality knives are not cheap, and so a basic set of five knives will cost you around $200, while a pro set can ring a price of $800! Singular knives are also available, as well as cutting boards, sharpening steel, magnetic racks, and more.

Other kitchenware includes frying pans, serving tray’s, saucepans, woks, graters, baking utensils, braisers, and lots more. Zwilling’s also offers homeware, like tableware, shears, glass sets, plates, and even some beauty products. You can really decorate and stock your entire kitchen at Zwilling’s and, while it will cost a very pretty penny, you know you’ll be getting world-class products.

The brand operates stores throughout the world. You can find two Zwilling J.A. Henckels stores in Toronto, but the Square One location will be the first in Mississauga. Zwilling’s will join the luxury wing of Square One mall and rightfully so, it’s a high-end store that sells high-end products. If you’re in need of some updated kitchenware, head to Zwilling’s next month!