3D printing isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, but with every passing year it becomes more advanced and more available to the average consumer.

It’s almost impossible to explain the importance of 3D printing and just how big of a deal it will be. It can be used to create literally anything, from the mundane (dice, figurines, chess pieces, etc.) to the extraordinary (food and even transplant organs)! This really is the future of creation and innovation and for some visual proof, here’s a 3D printed house:

So not only is this technology very much the future of everything from architecture and medicine, it’s also just really cool! In the not too distant future, 3D printers will be a staple of homes in the developed world. Right now however, they’re still very much a luxury item, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start using them and learning a valued skill.

Well you’re in luck! Several libraries throughout Mississauga have printers and offers certification and introductions to using them. The select libraries are: Burnamthorpe, Courtneypark, Central, Erin Meadows, Malton, Meadowville, and South Common.

The introduction class is free and only lasts for 30 minutes, and from here you can start your session for $1.00, then $0.05 for every minute you spend working. A single session can last for four hours per person. You can call ahead to book a slot for your introduction or to guarantee a spot, all other questions can be answered on the Mississauga website.

So what are you waiting for? Get to your local library and start printing a birthday present for your mother, or an early Christmas present for that special someone, not many people can say they’ve done that!