Ontario is slowly beginning to open up after two months of lockdown to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. Compared to the United States, the United Kingdom, and various parts of Europe, Canada has dealt with the virus swiftly and with appropriate precaution. Of course, our country’s population is much lower than those, but that doesn’t take away from how well it’s been handled.

And because of that wherewithall, we’re starting to see the lockdown ease and businesses start to re-open. A sight many will be thankful to see, as the epidemic has ravaged small businesses. A few days ago the province announced the gradual re-opening of businesses, so long as they follow government health and safety guidelines.

“While further reductions in the spread are needed before we can begin reopening the province, we have the right framework and the right workplace guidelines in place to do so gradually and safely,” said Ontario Premier, Doug Ford. And so the following businesses were able to re-open on Monday, and have done so accordingly:

  • Lawn Care and Landscaping
  • Garden Centres
  • Car Washes
  • Nurseries
  • Auto-Dealerships
  • Construction Companies (Only those working on essential projects)
  • Golf Courses (Just to prepare for the upcoming season)
  • Marinas (Also to prepare for the upcoming season)

This is part of Stage 1 of the re-opening framework, which also includes opening some outdoor spaces and essential gatherings. Sage 2 will seeing significantly more businesses return and larger public gatherings, and Stage 3 will be the finale.

“Turning on an economy after an unprecedented shut-down is not as simple as flipping a switch,” explained Finance Minister Rod Phillips. “We need to plan this out carefully to ensure we do not spark a sudden outbreak, undo the progress we have made and put the safety of the public at risk.”

And under that mindset, we’re all being encouraged to stay inside and wear gloves and masks as often as possible. These are precautions that will be carried through the rest of the year to ensure we don’t get hit by the oft-touted second wave.