Three-Time Dora Award-Winning Musical Reimagines ‘Peter Pan’ for Kids and Kids-At-Heart

On October 12-14, 2018, the Living Arts Centre presents Peter Pan, brought to the stage by Bad Hats Theatre and The Carousel Players. Reimagined for kids and ‘kids-at-heart’, this lively musical production of J.M. Barrie’s classic story about the boy who would never grow up has been stripped down to its bare bones, performed by an award-winning ensemble of actors and directed by the incomparable Severn Thompson. Featuring a brand new script adapted by Fiona Sauder and Reanne Spitzer, and a stunning, folksy, lively musical score by Landon Doak and the company, this production is unlike any performance of Peter Pan you’ve seen before!

Peter Pan has received three Dora Mavor Moore Awards for Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Production and Outstanding Direction (Severn Thompson) since it premiered in 2015. Kimberly Feltham of says, “The simple but clever staging, strong cast, and thoroughly engaging text made for an emotionally evocative production of the highest caliber.” Numerous other rave reviews agree that this production “is proof that imagination can push the limits of what is possible on stage” ( Severn Thompson’s direction is highly active, the action moving quickly enough to create attentive viewers out of children and adults, and inventive enough to make us all feel like kids again.

This version of Peter Pan forgoes the technical wizardry of harnesses and ropes and instead relies on imaginative buy-in from the audience. Fiona Sauder, Co-artistic Director of Bad Hats Theatre, co-writer of this adaptation and the actress who plays Peter Pan himself, says, “To me, the story is about how play is always a timeless thing…Of course it has to be a stage play, because that’s what theatre is…It’s make-believe. It’s a group of people turning imagined things into real things together for a moment.” She continues: “It’s not about magic tricks. It’s more about asking ‘Will you believe in this thing with me?’ [and we] expect them to believe… It’s what kids do naturally. They see it, they believe it and they invest in it.” All of this goes to the point of the story, which is to celebrate the power of the imagination and particularly the power of theatre to make the seemingly impossible happen.

The Living Arts Centre is thrilled to present this award-winning musical in RBC Theatre as part of its Wiggle Club series.

Tickets (Adult: $40, Children: $20) can be purchased online or via the Box Office. Groups of 10 or more and multiple show purchases are eligible for discount, please redeem by calling the Box Office.