If you’ve been to Port Credit anytime in the past few years, you may be aware that it’s in a constant state of construction. If you’re a Mississauga/Canada native, you may not be aware that such consistent and rapid growth is not normal anywhere else in the world. For its gargantuan size, Canada is still a relatively young country compared to the rest of the world and it’s sprinting to try and catch up – bear in mind Canada has a smaller population than Britain.

These are things you notice pretty quickly when living as a foreigner in Mississauga. Particularly living in Port Credit; a new high-rise apartment building is finishing up construction on Ann Street, along with some town-houses; the entire (undeveloped) area opposite Credit Landing is being flattened to make way for more housing and such; and the land to the west of Credit Landing is being dug to make way for The Shores (an “idyllic village for the elderly”). Suffice to say, it’s an area growing at an astounding pace.

As such, it doesn’t come as much surprise that another new high-rise building is about to break ground in the area.

TANU condos port credit

TANU is a development company owned by Edenshaw, that opened its first space in Port Credit a few months ago. The store is in the heart of Port Credit, near Scoops and El Jefe. If you walk into the space you can get your first real look at the company’s plan for its luxury condos coming to the town in the 2021.

A scale model of the upcoming building shows an impressive structure of wood and glass that is unlike anything in the town thus far. It’s also a picturesque mix of modern architecture with a mind for nature, which seems to be at the heart of the plan: “We build high-quality residential communities which utilize the right materials and creative designs to complement the surrounding landscape.”

TANU condos port credit

While the project has not broken ground as of yet, TANU has announced that a 1 bedroom, 636 square foot condo will cost $500,000, with a 1500 square footer costing over $1 million. There will be 204 units and underground parking. You can head to the company website for a more comprehensive breakdown of what kinds of spaces will be available for rent or purchase.

As you might expect for such costs, there will be impressive amenities, including a gorgeous outdoor terrace, gym, movie screening room, games room, business working space, yoga studio, and even a pet spa. If you’ve been in the market for a luxury condo then perhaps you should wait a minute longer and see what TANU has to offer.

TANU aims to craft the premiere condo experience in not just Port Credit but all of Mississauga and, based on the current plans, it’s fair to say it might achieve just that. TANU’s first condo is set to break ground very soon on Park Street East, and it’s yet another step in Port Credit’s ascension towards the sky.