The Cooksville area is one of the busiest in Mississauga, yet also one that doesn’t get a lot of love. That’s something the city is attempting to change with its new proposal to make a Cooksville Business Improvement Area.

You see, if you live in a BIA it essentially allows local businesses and property owners, with the support of the city, to organise, finance and execute developments in their area as they see fit. Basically, those who live in the area will be able to determine and affect how it develops and improves over time.

Current BIA’s in Mississauga include Clarkson, Streetsville and Malton, with more in the pipeline. Cooksville representative and Ward 7 Councillor Dipika Damerla is a big proponent of the plan, and sees it as the natural progression for Cooksville in a bid to make the area a destination, rather than a fly-by.

Cooksville BIA

Steps have already been taken to begin the process of turning Cooksville into a BIA, including a town meeting that laid out the plan and explained it to locals. During said meeting, Damerla stated four primary goals for the BIA: beautification, improving safety and crime reduction, marketing, and advocacy at City Hall.

If the plans were to go ahead, the city council would need to have an official numbers of businesses and partners, as well as establish what the boundaries for the area are. As of now, said boundaries are Kirwin Avenue to the north, Floradale Drive to the south, Confederation Parkway to the west, and Cawthra Road to the east. That’s a large swathe of area that, effectively, fills the gap from the city centre to Port Credit.

Of course this is all in the very early stages, so there’s no guarantee it will come to pass. However the early signs are good and we’re hoping Damerla can start making serious strides. If we fast forward ten years and the BIA is in effect, the Hurontario LRT is running through the street, and Vision Cooksville is in effect, then Cooksville will quickly become one of Mississauga’s most impressive and desirable areas to live in. Roll on.