In 2019 Mississauga may start to look a little more like Los Angeles. This resemblance that may become more apparent to your optics will be due to the new studio that American station CBS will be opening in the town.

The American Broadcasting TV giant which has produced hit shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (and its spawning sequels CSI: Miami and CSI: New York), NCIS (as well as its sequels NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans) and Criminal Minds has decided to build a studio in the home of their neighbours to the north.

According to reports – and estimated schedules – the new complex is expected to open in March of 2019. The 260,000 square foot facility which will be located in Mississauga, near Lester B. Pearson (Toronto International) Airport, will include 6 sound stages, production offices and other support facilities.

There are many positives that this endeavor can bring to the town of Mississauga, the one being the most apparent is that it means numerous new employment opportunities. The company is “promising the hub will bring hundreds of new jobs to the region and help expand its roster television programming across broadcast, cable and streaming platforms”.

Not to mention administrative positions, office workers, and many more. As previously mentioned with sound stages, production offices and support facilities being housed, they will need to be staffed.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie believes that the facility will make the city an international destination for film and TV production. The mayor also added:

I’m excited to officially welcome CBS’s new film and television studio to Mississauga — the first one of its kind in our city and a major investment for this industry,” she said in a statement. “I ’m proud that our months of hard work to secure this investment has finally paid off.

This opening of a new television and film hub could also be fruitful for those aspiring actors/ actresses, writers and other artists local to the area as the TV Broadcasting giant will be channeling more of its production north of the border.

It will be lights, camera and action… in Mississauga.