Is it baby season? It could be, I honestly have no idea when baby season is but the weather is so hot it could be Halloween and I’d chalk it up to delirium. Regardless, there’s a fun event happening at Square One Mall this weekend that involves all things baby fever!

The Mama & Baby Market comes to Square One Mall on Friday July 6th and runs until Sunday July 7th. The event will take place from 11 AM to 6 PM on the Sunday, and can be found on the second level, near entrance three, at the grand rotunda – Holt Renfrew and Harry Rosen are the nearby stores.

The Mama & Baby market at Square One will be ran by The Mama Market – a business of pop-up shops ran by two real-life Mississauga mama’s. The idea behind The Mama Market is for new parents, or expecting parents, to come, shop and meet some nice people in similar situations. It can be hard for new mothers to find friends but these markets are a fantastic place to mingle.

The Mama & Baby Market assembles a wonderful collection of baby clothes and accessories from retailers like Marq, Blossom Moments, Candy Crate Events, Blvd Baby, Charlotte’s Butter Bum, Good Night Sleep Site, The Little Shoppe, and Thyme Maternity, among various others. You’ll find everything from pre-natal clothing to teething accessories, baby moisturiser to organic diapers and everything in between.

Beyond the shopping and mingling, folks will also be able to partake in a contest to win prizes; all you have to do is share photos of the market on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #SQ1MamaMarket. Doing so gives you the chance to win a $50 Lulu Lemon Gift Card, $100 Thyme Maternity Gift Card, a $75 or $100 Baskin Robbins gift card.

The Mama & Baby Market comes this weekend to Square One Mall. The event is perfect for mothers-to-be and new mothers alike, so bring your little one and find some high-quality, artisinal supplies, as well as meet some great people. Have Fun!