You never know what you have until it’s gone. Perhaps there will come a day when our children will be as amazed that we ever flew without masks, as we are that friends and family could walk right to the gate with no real security. Alas, everything changes and that much is true of Pearson Airport as of June 1st, 2020.

After shutting down air travel back in mid-March, Canada has been keeping an eye on the Coronavirus situation in regards to travel and when things can return to normal. Well, as we’re finding out in many aspects of life, normal may not every be normal again.

On June 1st, Toronto International Airport announced that all passengers and airport staff must wear masks to combat the spread of COVID-19. Furthermore, any friends and family dropping a passenger off at the airport must do so outside and are not permitted into the airport.

You are also asked to practice social distancing when waiting in lines or at your gate, and when you collect your bags at the airport you are to immedaitely leave the premises. You are permitted to take your mask off to eat and drink, or have trouble breathing, and children under two don’t have to comply.

All of these precautions can seem a bit excessive and frustrating, it’s certainly never easier to completely change a way of life that we’ve known for years. However these are the rules, whether you agree with them or not. The airport didn’t say if these measures are temporary or permanent, but I guess time will tell on that front. I think we can assume this is it for a long time.

So if you plan on flying out of Pearson anytime in the near future, these are the new rules that we have to get used to.