Sounds the klaxons, this is big news!

The transformation of Erin Mills Town Centre from solid shopping destination into a competitor to Square One Mall is ongoing, but the latest news about the area is certain to take it to the next level.

Erin Mills Town Centre is already the second most popular mall in Mississauga, but with this new addition the Centre is going to become a serious rival to Square One. And that’s because Cineplex Cinema’s is bringing a massive new entertainment complex to the area, known as Junxion.

Junxion is the first entertainment complex of its kind, though you very well might be thinking about The Rec Room at Square One. Yes, The Rec Room is also an entertainment complex, and also owned and operated by Cineplex, but Junxion is something different.

“Guests are gravitating towards experiences that they can’t replicate at home,” said Sarah Van Lange, Cineplex’s executive director of communications. “We’re finding the same in terms of entertainment where guests are looking for places to be social, to have fun. What the Junxion provides is opportunities to come and visit us outside of when we have a big Hollywood blockbuster.”

That’s why Junxion will features six movie theatre auditoriums, a food hall with indoor food truck, virtual reality games, a live event hub, and a rooftop patio, all across 45,000 square feet. Thus it is the junction-point between Cineplex cinema’s and The Rec Room, and it sounds like the perfect marrying of the two.

Perhaps most excitingly, Junxion is scheduled to open in 2020 sometime. That’s a much quicker turnaround between announcement and opening than The Rec Room, and it means Erin Mills Town Centre is going to be one of the big developments and news stories of 2020. We can’t wait for Junxion to open, and we’ll let you know more closer to the time!