As is the case with literally any community, town, city, province, and even countries, where the funding goes is always a hot topic amongst public discourse. Everyone has their own ideas and agendas for where money should be allocated, from education to art, sports to infrastructure.

And while Mississauga isn’t perfect in this regard, we certainly can’t fault the city or the province for consistently pumping money in to try and grow the city. It wasn’t that long ago that we looked at the city’s incredible plans to radically overhaul Pearson Airport, and now it looks to do the same on the streets. The Government of Ontario recently announced a massive investment in transit across the province, thanks to the Gas Tax Program.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Gas Tax Program, it’s simply a 2 cent tax when you buy gas for your car. That 2 cent goes to a fund that in turn is spent on improving transit throughout the province. And that is where the funding for this latest investment is coming from; the Gas Tax Program is helping provide a whopping $365.5 million in a bid to improve infrastructure and accessibility in more 148 communities across Ontario!

“The Ontario Public Transit Association is pleased that the Ontario government is continuing to support public transit through the Gas Tax program,” said  Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation. “From transit investment in the Greater Golden Horseshoe to adding more service in rural and northern communities—our government is committed to improving transit in every corner of the province. […] We’re making life easier for millions of people across Ontario by helping to build new and reliable transit faster.”

Mulroney announced the government’s massive investment plan back in January, which includes making Highway 401 safer, combining GO Transit and VIA Rail for joint services, improving traffic data for the public, and supporting the trucking industry. You can read the lengthy mission plan here.

So we can expect the Mississauga transit system to continue to improve, which is entirely necessary considering the massive growth the city will be undergoing in the next decade. So long as the government continues to fund programs like this and make our lives easier, we’re happy to see the progress continue.