The plaza at Clarkson’s Southdown Road has been changing over the past few years. What was once Turtle Jacks became Clarkson Bar & Grill, and now it’s Old Town Bar & Grill. And what was for many years Fionn MacCool’s has become something else, something much more family-friendly.

The old pub has been changed into a brand new, popular toy store: Mastermind Toys. Of course, you may be familiar with the name, because Mastermind Toys has been a mainstay of Canada since 1984!

We’ve been in the toy business for more than 30 years, and we take play seriously! We’re proud to offer more than 10,000 top-quality toys, games and books, all hand-selected by our team from among the very best brands around the world. We want kids and grownups alike to get a thrill when they walk into our stores. We like it bright, colourful and interactive: feel free to wander and wonder, poke, prod and discover!

Mastermind Toys Clarkson

The new store has opened at 970 Southdown Road, and this marks the 67th location for the brand. Inside you’ll find a colourful store bursting at the teddy-bear seams with plushies, board games, books, Lego sets, scooters, arts and crafts, and toys for all ages. The store’s toys are handpicked and curated to provide the best possible experience.

Mastermind Toys offers a free customer loyalty program that includes free in-store gift-wrapping, loot-bag assembly, sneak previews and alerts about new and limited-edition toys, as well as access to members-only promotions and events. If you expect to be something of a regular at Mastermind Toys, you can sign up for the program by clicking here. It might be a decision you regret not making come Christmas.

So visit Mastermind Toys in Clarkson the next time you’re in need of a gift for a birthday, Christmas, Bar Mitzvah, or just when the little one has been especially good. Maybe leave the little ones at home though, because they’ll never want to leave!