2020 is here and we’ve been feeling all sorts of nostalgic. We recently reviewed 2019 as a year, weighing the ups and downs, then took a look back at the decade as a whole to see how far we’ve come as a city.

However it’s time to move forward and dive headfirst into a brand new decade. And there’s no better way to get yourself ready for the futuristic-sounding 2020 than by attending the annual Mayor’s New Year Levee. This is an event that takes place at Celebration Square and sees Mayor Bonnie Crombie and her constituents rubbing elbows with the public. Here’s a bit more about the event from the organisers:

Meet Mayor Bonnie Crombie and Members of Council at the Mayor’s New Year’s Levee on Sunday, January 12, 2020. The Levee is an annual event in Mississauga and an opportunity to meet the Mayor and Members of Council in person, take a photo and welcome the New Year.

You’re also invited to a free skate on Mississauga Celebration Square, an information fair, fun activities for the kids and local entertainment. Mayor Crombie is planning to skate with guests after the meet and greet portion of the event.

The New Year Levee takes place at Celebration Square on the city centre, and there will be lots of parking available there and around Square One Mall. This is a fun event for the whole family where you can skate on the Square, eat food, play games, and get to meet the dignitaries that help the city run like a well-oiled machine. And this is an event that has been running for 41 years, under the guidance of Mayor Hazel McCallion, so come be a part of history.

The Mayor’s annual New Year Levee will be happening on Sunday, January 12th, from 1 PM until 4 PM. The event is, as always, free for everyone to attend and serves as an open forum to learn about where the city is headed for the year. And it’s not often we get to do that at the start of a brand new decade, so be sure to come. We’ll see you there!