Calling all Raptors fans or those who just love McD’s/ are probably going to be making a stop to McDonald’s during their day today. We have some amazing news that will likely make you jump for joy. The news is that for today only the golden arches will be giving out an order of free medium fries.

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For those who may be wondering why McDonald’s is being so generous, well then you can thank the Toronto Raptors this particular offering. You see, the Toronto Raptors have a promotion running (in partnership with McDonald’s Canada of course) during games, whereby every time the team scores 11 or more three pointers, fans get free fries. Guess what, the Toronto Raptors not only scored 12 three pointers, but also got the win against the Los Angeles Lakers (Go Raps!). 

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How Do I Get My Free Fries?

For those looking to take advantage of this promotion, the way to do this is quite simple. All you need to do is download the My McDonald’s and scan the QR code within the app or if you’re having it delivered simply select that option within the application and you should be good to go. Now it is worth noting that this offer is only available today and that the offer requires you to spend a minimum $1 purchase, so if you’re willing to get through the snow (or have a delivery driver do it for you) this is a great option to save a few bucks on those golden delicious McD’s French fries.