Go Transit recently announced some major improvements to its trains and buses throughout southern Ontario. The company revealed its plans to introduce Wi-Fi on both trains and buses, as well as launching a much-improved website and planner.

The introduction of Wi-Fi has been a long-standing wish from Ontario residents and is well overdue in bringing Mississauga transit up-to-speed. GO Transit has said it will be testing the services on two trains and four buses to garner user feedback before implementing the service on all vehicles.

Wi-Fi has been available at most GO Stations and Terminals for years now, but interestingly enough the company says it is “currently identifying potential business partners that could provide free Wi-Fi services”, although there was no further clarification as to why they aren’t partnering with the same partners that provide Wi-Fi to the Terminals and Stations.

Wi-Fi is not the only improvement that the Province of Ontario and GO Transit has announced, it also put forth plans to massively renovate the Meadowvale GO Station.

The Meadovale GO Station will get a completely new station, upgraded parking, bike storage, new bus loop, improved pick-up/drop-off spots, and even upgraded sewer lines. The improvements to the Meadowvale Station are overdue as it is one of the older ones in the city. However, Meadowvale is not the only station getting renovated, the Milton Station will also be receiving major changes, including a new station.

Minister of Transportation, Steven Del Duca, said the changes are coming to the Meadowvale Station due to an increase in usage and demand, in a steadily-growing area of the city. Canada is one of the world’s hottest immigration destinations right now and as such, GO Transit estimates its weekly rail trips will increase by 300% by 2025. GO and the Province of Ontario are wisely attempting to get ahead of such an increase by improving transit options well ahead of time.

The government of Ontario announced that it was investing $21.3 billion in GO Transit and it’s great to see that money actually changing things that benefit the public. Wi-Fi being introduced to all buses and trains, as well as new stations and improved loops and schedules. As much as a significant portion of Mississauga residents are unhappy about the incoming Hurontario LRT, but nobody will be sad to see such improvements to GO Transit.