These past few years, Mississauga has grown as a hotspot for vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Offering quality options to non-meat eaters is important and a lot less common than you may realise, and that’s why it’s great to see new resto’s opening up to fill the gap. However, meat lovers aren’t being left behind.

At the plaza on Dixie and Eglington, a brand new, and rather unique, restaurant is set to open, by the name of Sweet Meat Heads. While most restaurants and fast food joints in the GTA seem to be opting for the healthy-eating route, and offering foods from around the globe, Sweet Meat Heads, ironically, breaks the mould by going back to basics and being a more traditional North American burger joint.

Not much is known about the mysterious new restaurant thus far, however it will be right beside Sunset Grill in the Dixie/Eglington plaza. The exterior of the building says Sweet Meat Heads will offer hamburgers, Philly Cheese Steaks, fries, cakes, milkshakes and ice cream.

With a more traditional menu, Sweet Meat Heads will look to establish itself as one of the best burger joints in the city, although it has some stiff competition to outdo. A classic American diner joint (Bray’s Hamburgers) just recently closed its doors in Mississauga, so Sweet Meat Heads will be looking to avoid the same fate.

Sweet Meat Heads will be opening in the near future, most likely by the start of the summer at the latest. For more information stay tuned to YourSauga. Until that time comes, we recommend Burger’s Priest, A&W, On The Bun Burgers, or C&Dubbs, if you’re looking to scratch that delicious hamburger itch!