A new Mediterranean restaurant will soon open its doors at 723 Lakeshore Road East, right next to the iconic Dairy Cream.

The restaurant, which is to be called Skewers Grill, has been under construction for a while now. The final touches are being put on as we speak but you can already see the exterior of the building will stand out with some attractive wood panelling. The restaurants social media page has stated that the interior will also have a wood panelling theme, so the inside will look just as snazzy as the outside!

As for what will be served within the restaurant, the folks over at Skewers Grill are being fairly hush on the menu. However, they have revealed that the primary feature will be kabob food, with a focus on a healthy menu of meats and vegetables. There will be vegetarian-friendly options, as well as treats for meat-lovers. Skewers’ chef comes highly-trained, having learned and won awards in both Jordan and Dubai.

As of now, the majority of the kabob restauarants in Mississauga are of Afghan origin, so Skewers will be bringing a different pallet to the scene. You can expect all kinds of delicious meats, from chicken and beef, to lamb and perhaps even some seafood. Of course, there’s only one way to find out exactly what’s on the menu and that’s by coming to the restaurant when it opens in the coming weeks!

It has seemed for a long time now that Port Credit was Mississauga’s go-to district for dining and nightlife but that area is expanding along the Lakeshore. East along the Lakeshore you can now find a plethora of great restaurants like Colossus Greek Taverna, Aielli Ristorante, Thyme Ristorante, and Dialo’s Bar & Bistro, among many others. Not to mention sweet tooth businesses like Dunk’N Dip, Sweet Philosophy, La Villa Bakery, Dairy King, and, of course, Dairy Cream.

So Lakeshore Road is quickly becoming a new hot-spot for food here in Mississauga, and you should be first in line when this new Mediterranean kabob joint opens this month!