We love it when new restaurants open their doors, and it happens pretty darn often. 2019 has been no different with new restaurants like Spuds Factory, Masala Canteen, and Ozzy’s Burger’s just to name a few.

Well today we’re here to tell you about another brand new restaurant, but this one is a little different. The restaurant is called Samaka Mediterranean Seafood and can be found at 5120 Dixie Road Unit #2.

As the name suggests, Samaka Mediterranean Seafood is all about fish but its the palette that really sets it apart from other seafood restaurants in the city. The restaurant offers “a¬†Large Variety of Seafood, you can even pick your fish and choose the style you would like it cooked, most popular styles are: Singari, Raddah, and Fried.”

Samaka Mediterranean Seafood offers a relatively small menu but that’s by no means a bad thing, in fact that’s usually a positive. Said menu consists of appetizers like Stuffed¬†Calamari, Mussels, Smelts Fish, Lobster & Spinach Dip, and more. Then there’s fresh catch fish like Sea Bream, King Fish Steak, Mackerel, Salmon Steak, Grouper, and quite a few more.

There’s also entrees like Shrimp Bechamel, Surf & Turf, and Seared Scallop, as well as traditional fish & chip options. Beyond those sections, you’ll also find soups and salads, side dishes, and handhelds like Lobster Rolls, Tuna Melt, Seafood Mix, and Pharaoh Shrimp.

And that’s the majority of the menu. Like we said though, a small menu is actually a positive because it shows confidence and skills at one particular type of food, in this case: seafood. And with its Mediterranean twist, Samaka quickly becomes one of the most unique new openings we’ve had this year.

So if you find yourself craving some delicious seafood with a twist, you owe it to yourself to try Mississauga’s newest restaurant, Samaka Mediterranean Seafood, located at 5120 Dixie Road. It’s open now!