Meet the ‘Ville Business Owner – The Dentist Who Loved Christmas! Christmas time is practically upon us! Before we get to the parties and presents, it’s important to remember what Christmas is all about. It’s about being grateful for what you have, including your friends, your family and your…dentist!

We should all be grateful for the work dentists do over the year anyways, but there’s one in particular that has always gone the extra mile in Streetsville. We’re talking about outstanding community member, Dr. Cyril Tahtadjian and his team at Dentistry in Streetsville!

After serving his residency in the Sioux Lookout Zone Hospital, Dr. Cyril went looking for a place where he could branch out and start his own dental office. In 1996, he fell head over heels for Streetsville. It was early January, so the colourful Christmas lights and spectacular décor were still out for people to enjoy. It was clear to see how passionate the community was, so there was no doubt that Streetsville was where he had to be.

Even before he was ready to open his doors, Dr. Cyril was determined to introduce Streetsville to new and novel ideas, to raise the dental standard. While he constructed his first office, Dr. Cyril had the idea to incorporate kids play area. Not the big of a deal nowadays, but back then it was the first dental office in Streetsville to do it. He had loved working with kids in Sioux Lookout and wanted to focus on making his dental office a less daunting experience for young children. Dr. Cyril continues to bring new ideas to Streetsville, whether it be advance technology for treatments, or waiting room designs for patients to enjoy, Dr. Cyril never settles for less than best.

The Streetsville community is much more than just business talk. It’s a community filled with people who strive to make it a place where everyone feels loved and supported. Christmas is the best time to see that love in action. It was the community’s love of Christmas that drew Dr. Cyril to Streetsville, and throughout the years he’s been paying it forward by getting involved in the festivities.

This year, Dr. Cyril and his team have sponsored the tree lighting ceremony, which kicked-off to the Christmas in the Village festival weekend. Dr. Cyril has been a Streetsville community member for some time now and has seen how much our village has grown, “Christmas is a big part of my heart, so I would love to see the Christmas spirit in Streetsville not only maintain itself, but keep growing.”