With Canada Day just around the corner, nothing makes you want to say “Oh Canada” quite like a nice cold beer. Better yet to fully embrace the idea of Canadian pride, what if that beer you’re about to drink was made right in your area. Well then you’re in luck because in honour of Canada Day, we put together a quick list of Mississauga Breweries to enjoy on Canada Day and the amazingly Canadian beers are made right in your area.

Here are 3 Canadian Beers made right in your area.

Stonehooker Brewing Mississauga Breweries 

Born from a passionate founder who wanted to do what he loved, this craft brewery is located right on Lakeshore (866 Lakeshore Road East to be exact). The company’s name pays homage to the history of stonehooking (the practice of gathering stones for construction) within the Port Credit area. With some unique craft beer options like the Spicy Raspberry Saison or the Mae West IPA which uses different fruits depending on the season, currently it is orange.

Must Try: Broad Reach Nor’Easter IPA, which has a citrusy taste and is considered to be a flagship of this brewery. It is definitely a great option during hot days, as it is an extremely refreshing adult option.

Old Credit Brewing

Mississauga Breweries

Started in 1994, this brewing company was made with a simple goal in mind “Make Great Beer”. With a growing number of national awards for their beers such as their Gold winning Amber Ale and their Silver winning Pale Pilsner, their goal of making a great beer definitely holds true. The unique aspect with their brewing process in comparison to other beers you may have had is that all the batches are filtrated to extremely low temperatures and according to the company all of their beers are ice aged which leads to refreshing and pure tasting beer.

Must Try: The Amber Ale, this award winning beer has a classic taste that acts as a comforting experience on its own. With nutty and fruity aromas that will make your taste buds go yum.

The 3 Brewers

Mississauga Breweries

This is not considered your traditional brewery, as the restaurant aspect of this chain is highlighted more often than not. Did you know however that like the name suggests they actually brew beer in house, the other unique aspect is the fact that each location carries their own special microbrew. As the restaurant element is integral, you are guaranteed to always leave satisfied with a full belly.

Must Try: Yuzu Gose, a tart yet light beer that will keep your tastebuds delighted with bold full flavours.