Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year, but for a large portion of the population, it only means freezing cold temperatures, going hungry, and watching others have a gay old time. For that reason alone, you should lend a hand to others less fortunate. There’s absolutely no excuse not to.

With that in mind, Mississauga MPP Rudy Cuzzetto has organised a canned food drive for Mississauga this holiday season. Mississauga natives can do the good Christmas thing and help others, by donating canned food or some gifts to Cuzzetto’s office – more about that below.

Suggested food items for the drive include canned meat, canned vegetables, peanut butter, canned chunky soup, macaroni and cheese, rice, cooking oil, powdered milk, and canned fruit. Of course, other donations are welcome and the more you can contribute the better!

That’s not all your can donate however, if you’re feeling extra charitable (and you should be at this time of year) you can also send some gifts. These kinds of gifts include insulated sleeping bags, jackets, thermos’, boots, snow pants, blankets, socks, sweaters, mittens, underwear, balaclava’s, flashlights, tarps, backpacks, and insulated foam mats.

If you’re kind of enough to help donate some of these items to the homeless and those down on their luck, you can do so by dropping them off at Rudy Cuzzetto’s office. The MPP’s office can be found at 120 Lakeshore Road West. Please consider donating some food and/or items this holiday season, a simple donation could seriously mean the difference between life and death. You have until December 21st to contribute and make a difference.