It can be hard to find a job. And far, far harder to find one that you actually want to pursue a career in. Getting a foot in the door is often the most challenging aspect of starting any new career path, but there are places and events that can help right here in the city.

Such is the case next week with the Mississauga Career Fair happening at the Living Arts Centre. The event will be taking place on Wednesday, February 26th, from 10 AM to 3 PM, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to network, meet prospective employers and recruitment agencies, and possibly kick-start your dream job.

Enjoy face-to-face networking with some of the top Employers in the GTA and apply to thousands of available job openings! Please remember to bring lots of copies of your resume to share with potential employers and hiring managers.

Of course, all of this is only worth your time if your desired career path will be at the event. And some of the listed types of jobs coming for the 2020 fair are as such: Accounting, Administration, Customer Service, Business Development & Marketing, Education, Finance/Banking, General Trade/Labour, Hospitality, Human Resources, Logistics & Transportation, Warehouse, Retail, Security, and Information Technology.

There will be other job types at the event, and it will be worth attending to ask some questions and make some contacts, even if you don’t get a job, or are interested in any of those listed. You never know what opportunities may spring forth from events like this.

Perhaps best of all, the event is free. It’s a wonderful opportunity for both employers and job seekers, so email or call 905-812-5627 to find out more about exhibiting. The Living Arts Centre can be found at 4141 Living Arts Drive, and there will be ample parking available. Good luck and good hunting!