The Mississauga Central Library has long been a meeting place for the local community. From students looking for a study space to parents wanting to start their child’s learning journey, the library was the place that accommodated the needs of the community.

There is some more great news on the horizon, as the library is going to be receiving a massive renovation starting December 24, 2020 with an expected completion date of early 2023. This will mean that the library will be closed while the renovations are being worked on.

Some of the renovations, which include adding approximately 34,000 square feet, a new children’s space, enhanced support for those requiring accessible resources, along with many other new upgrades to technology and to the library collection. The cost of the project will be $42.8 million. If you’d like to take a look at some of the plans for this project or if you want to provide feedback, you can have your say here.

Based on the release sent from the city’s mayor, Mayor Bonnie Crombie said

“It will act as a community hub and gathering space that will facilitate learning and spark opportunity for the thousands of people who live, work and go to school in the downtown area and beyond,” 

The renovation seems to be in line with the current ongoing developments to the infrastructure within Mississauga. As the current Hurontario LRT project, along with a planned 18,000 unit Square One District. Which all have a completion window between 2023-2024, meaning that the future of Mississauga will be moving closer towards achieving the Smart City challenge set back in 2017.  

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This project will be the first major renovation since the Central library first opened in 1991. It should be an exciting time as the library services welcomes more updated additions to service the community better.