It is probably safe to say that employees at Kruger Products—the manufacturer of paper goods headquartered in the Meadowvale neighbourhood of Mississauga—are among Canada’s most satisfied workers.

Their company ranked second—just behind tech giant Google—on this year’s Forbes list of Canada’s Best Employers.  And this respected recognition comes at the heels of being ranked number one on the list of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers for 2018.

Why does Kruger Products top Best Employers in Canada lists?  For one, it invests in the education of the next generation.  The company offers academic scholarships for children of employees (to $2,000 per child).  It also hosts internal focus groups to better understand the wants and needs of millennial employees—a demographic group with a very different outlook than previous generations on what they expect from their employment experience.

In terms of helping with their employees’ financial welfare, Kruger helps them save for the future, offers retirement planning assistance as well as health benefits that extend to retirees (with no age limit).

The company also recently increased its support for employees who are new mothers or fathers (including adoptive parents), providing maternity leave top-up payments for up to 17 weeks and parental leave top-up for up to 5 weeks.  As well, employees who have become happy parents and want more time to bond with their babies can also take a further leave of absence on unpaid basis.

It does look like Kruger Products cares about the employees and their families.  Perhaps it has to do with the company’s history.  It was founded in 1904 in Montreal by Joseph Kruger, a New York City paper merchant who settled there in the early 1900s.  After his death in 1927, Joseph’s son Gene along with his two brothers took over at the helm, diversifying the company.  Gene’s son, Joseph Kruger II—the third generation of the founders—continued the company’s expansion and diversification.  Today, the company employs 2,166 people.

Forbes Best Employers list comprises of 300 Canadian companies—19 of which are headquartered in Mississauga.  That’s a pretty impressive 6 percent!  Want to apply to a Mississauga company that’s on the list?  Click here.