2019 has been a rough year for people who vape. As more research emerges about the relatively young product, it becomes more clear that it’s not the healthier alternative to smoking that many assumed it was. And, as such, governments have begun cracking down on vaping altogether.

Just back in October we relayed the information that vape products were being removed from store shelves come January 1st, 2020. Meaning you will no longer be able to walk into a Rabba and buy your favourite flavours off the rack. Here was the reasoning for that decision, as per Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health;

“Restricting the promotion of vapour products in retail stores will help prevent youth from being exposed and influenced by promotion in retail settings. This is just one way our government is taking action to protect young people in Ontario.”

Well it seems the regional government isn’t stopping there, as both Brampton and Mississauga agreed just a few weeks ago to completely ban all vaping in public spaces. That means that vaping will be brought in line with smoking, so that people won’t be able to do it near others. Consequently, you also won’t be able to vape within nine metres of a door entrance. Mississauga Ward 10 Councillor Sue McFadden said this about the decision;

“This motion is actually in response to the direction that was given at the Region of Peel that each municipality pass a motion at the local level to prohibit vaping in public spaces along with smoking in public spaces.”

All of these new laws may seem a tad reactionary, but the fact is we no precious little about the effects of vaping. We do know for certain that it has health risks, just like smoking and perhaps even worse, and that young people are taking up the habit like it’s the new Tide pod. If these new laws prevent some teens from starting the habit, then by all means.

We’ll keep you updated as the story of vaping progresses and evolved here in Mississauga and Ontario.