Mississauga is home to a sea of cultures and ethnicities from all over the world. A culinary hotspot featuring worldwide cuisine – Mississauga is no stranger to families always hunting for good halal food. We know the struggle and can definitely help, as we understand the challenge of looking for a great halal restaurant you can love.

Here is a list of the Top 10 halal restaurants in Mississauga to satisfy that craving.

1. Burger Factory

This is for those looking to get that burger fix, the Burger Factory is the solution to all your problems. Serving up fresh burgers that will make your mouth water, these are good sized and allow you to  enjoy your meal without those fast food regrets. Plus the Burger Factory offers a new take on fries with Tornado Fries which is definitely a must try.

If you’re a true meatatarian, you should try “The Machine”. A double cheeseburger filled with all the standard burger toppings only with double the meat. The true challenger, which is not for the faint of heart, is the Compactor. This is a TRIPLE cheeseburger loaded with all the fixins that belong on a burger.

Mississauga Halal

2. Halal Guys

You may not have known this but, Mississauga is no stranger to mediterranean cuisines and if you’re a fan, this newcomer is a must try for any Mississaugan. With a generous serving of gyro and chicken platters which comes in a dish full of veggies and rice, and topped off with their famous garlic white sauce. The Halal guys will definitely have your taste buds dancing with joy.

Mississauga Halal

3. Watan Kabob

Continuing our trip around the world in Mississauga, Watan Kabob offers a healthy alternative to daily fast food with fresh Afghani food like beef kabob skewers or fish served with salad and a choice of rice or bread made in house. You definitely get your money’s worth, a whole heap of food for an affordable price.

Mississauga Halal

4. Blackstone Steakhouse & Grill

If you’re looking for that fine dining option for date night spot, the BlackStone Steakhouse and Grill is the place to be. With premium meat options available like AAA Ribeye or AAA Striploin cooked on lava stone, you’re definitely in for a dining experience unlike what you’re used to. The Ribeye is definitely a go to item on the menu, as you get a good cut of steak with a choice of fries or mashed potatoes and a choice of vegetables or salad. You’re definitely getting your money’s worth, as you definitely leave Blackstone with an empty stomach.

Mississauga Halal

5. Chili Chicken House

Who doesn’t love Chinese food? This restaurant has a large variety of dishes to choose from. With the staples like General Tao Chicken and Szechaun Chicken, there are also some Indo Chinese favourites like Gobi (cauliflower) Manchurian to satiate your cravings.

Mississauga Halal

The dish you definitely need to try is the chilli chicken (the house staple), a delicious chilli ginger  sauce smothered all over the house prepared chicken. This is what comfort is made of!

6. Afghan Kebob

Another great Afghani restaurant, with tastes straight from Kabul. The restaurant celebrates its authentic and healthy food especially its kabobs which are front and center on the menu. In addition to the kabobs you can also get some delicious  tandoori chicken  and homemade naan bread.

The dish you need to try is the Chaplee Kebob, which is a minced beef patty combined with different herbs and spices. The meal comes with an Afghani naan and house salad, so you are are definitely getting your money’s worth here.

7. Masala Bites

If Indian food is what craving, Masala Bites could be the perfect restaurant for you. This spot offers classic indian cuisine with everything from pallet cleansing  apps like Chaat Papri and Samosa Chaat to favourites straight from the Tandoor like the always beloved Tandoori Chicken. Bonus if you’re a buffet lover, as the lunch buffet is served from 12pm – 3pm and dinner buffet being served from 5pm – 10pm offering some of the menu classics for you to indulge.

The must have dish at Masala Bites is the Chaat Papri, which is the perfect way to start a meal and opens up your pallet for all the amazing flavours in store for your mouth.

Mississauga Halal

8. Burger Legend

A Streetsville favourite, Burger Legend if you didn’t know offers fresh AAA Canadian halal meat. In addition to fresh beef, this spot offers house cut fries and poutine made with gravy prepared in house. If you’re looking for a delicious truly Canadian burger the burger legend is the place to be.

The must try dish here is the poutine. Nothing is more Canadian than a classic poutine and with fresh cheese curds, gravy and fries, that mouth watering deliciousness is perfection in every bite.

Mississauga Halal

9. Roman Zaman

A restaurant that brings the tastes of Damascus to Mississauga. With non-traditional takes on the Mediterranean foods you may familiar with, such as Hummus with beef, almond and pomegranate. Don’t fret as the classics you know and love like chicken shawarma are still on the menu for you to enjoy.

The dish you need to try is the mixed shawarma plate, as it has all the shawarma goodness that you love cut straight off the rotisserie.

Mississauga Halal

10. Student Biryani

Pakistani cuisine never tasted so good. With the staple biryani leading the way you will get a delicious and filling meal at a student friendly price. The options feel endless, as there are a number of different dishes you can choose from. Whether you enjoy Chicken Tikka or you’re looking for something on the go like a fried chicken roll, you have plenty of delicious tastes to meet your needs.

The must have dish here is the biryani, which is star at this menu, with a number of spices and flavourful rice you are definitely getting a mouthful of heaven with every bite.

Mississauga Halal