In an effort to continue supporting local business within Mississauga, the city has officially launched the 2021 Culture and Community Grant Programs. With applications currently being accepted and a deadline of Friday, October 16, 2020 being set, it’s essential to get your applications in as soon as you can. The grants program was created to support the community by providing funding streams for arts, culture, heritage preservation, festivals and community groups in Mississauga.

For those of you who are interested, there are currently 4 grant programs currently accepting applications: Arts and Culture Grant Program; Culture Festivals and Celebrations Grant Program; Culture Projects Grant Program; and Community Grant Program.

Understanding the 2021 Culture and Community Grants

Arts and Culture Grant Program

Grant funding for this program supports emerging and established not-for-profit professional and community-based arts, culture and heritage organizations in Mississauga. The grant supports the development of exemplary arts and culture programs and services that improve participation, knowledge, understanding and an appreciation of arts, culture and heritage for the residents of Mississauga.

Click here for more information on the Arts and Culture Grant Program.

Culture Festivals and Celebrations Grant Program

Cultural traditions and celebrations are important for Mississauga residents and visitors. Grant funding in this area supports cultural programming and helps event attendees enjoy clean and safe venues.

Click here for more information on the Culture Festivals and Celebrations Grant Program.

Culture Projects Grant Program

The City of Mississauga is focusing this grant program on placemaking initiatives. The City encourages arts organizations and collectives to animate different areas of the city and provide safe environments for people to experience art.

Click here for more information on the Culture Projects Grant Program.

Community Grant Program

This program assists local, not-for-profit community groups by providing multi-year, annual operating and project grants. The program aligns with the strategic priorities of the Recreation, Parks, Forestry and Environment divisions.

Click here for more information on the Community Grant Program.

Virtual Information Sessions

In light of COVID-19, all grant program information sessions are being offered online in a webinar format. Organizations interested in applying for funding are required to attend an information session, unless the organization received funding from the City within the last two years.

To register for grant program webinars, please send an email to with the date and time you wish to attend. A confirmation email will be sent with further instructions. Get started today!