What’s Stage 3 going to look like?
While we won’t be entering Stage 3 just yet, here is some information on what Stage 3 entails.
The Provincial announcement outlined that in Stage 3:

  • Indoor gathering limits will increase to a maximum of 50 people;
  • Outdoor gathering limits will increase to a maximum of 100 people;
  • Gathering limits are subject to physical distancing requirements.

The Province has said that nearly all businesses and public spaces can gradually reopen as a region enters Stage 3 (while still adhering to public health directives), while some high-risk venues and activities will remain closed until they can safely resume operations. These include amusement and waterparks, buffet-style restaurants, children’s overnight camps, saunas, and steam rooms. For further businesses and activities that will remain restricted please visit here.

Further information on the Province’s framework for reopening Ontario can be found here.