Mississauga Municipal Election 2018 Results:  Find Out Who Will Be Representing You At Mississauga City Hall For The Next Four Years.

Not surprisingly perhaps, incumbent mayor Bonnie Crombie has been re-elected in Mississauga for a second term.

Crombie garnered 76.5% of the vote (91,422 votes).  Kevin J. Johnston came in second with 13.5% of the vote, and Scott W. Chapman came in third with 3.8% of the vote. The rest of the vote (6.2%) was shared by four other candidates.

“Mississauga is our City, and I am truly honoured that you are giving me the opportunity to continue to be your voice at City Hall,” Crombie said from her victory party late Monday night at Le Tréport Banquet Hall in Mississauga. “I could not be more excited and energized for what the future will bring. Working together, we will continue to build and shape this great City.”

With just a couple of exceptions, Mississauga City Council seats for the 2018-2022 term will be occupied by the same faces—all incumbents easily lived to see another term.

Karen Ras (Ward 2) got overwhelmingly re-elected with 92.8% of the vote and Chris Fonseca (Ward 3) won with 74.3% of the vote.

Ward 4 incumbent John Kovac got re-elected with 52.7%, and Ward 5 controversial incumbent Carolyn Parrish is returning to office with 63.9% of the vote.

The Mahoney dynasty continues in Ward 8—Matt Mahoney got re-elected with almost 80% of the vote.  In 2014, Matt Mahoney replaced his mother, Katie Mahoney, as Councillor for Ward 8, who held that seat for seven terms.  Her husband, Steve Mahoney, was councillor from 1978 until he left to become an MPP in 1987.

Ward 9 re-elected Pat Saito with 77.9% of the vote, Sue McFadden won a landslide victory with 90.1% in Ward 10, and 69% of Ward 11 voters returned George Carlson to office.

In Ward 6, it was a touch-and-go until the end.  Incumbent Ron Starr just barely made it back to city council, eking out 36.2% of the vote— neck to neck with his biggest rival, John Horneck, who got 33.7% of the vote.

And now the new faces in Mississauga City Council:

Ward 1 elected Stephen Dasko with 47.6% of the vote.  Dasko beat out his biggest rival Brad Butt by almost double the vote (Butt got 23.2% of the vote).

Dasko is replacing the late councillor Jim Tovey who passed away earlier this year.  Tovey remained a very popular councillor and environmental activist since his election in 2010.  Dasko, who was former councillor Jim Tovey’s campaign manager, promised to follow through on Tovey’s projects and legacy in the ward.

Another newcomer to Mississauga municipal politics—but almost an old-timer in provincial politics—Dipika Damerla won Ward 7 with 41.3% of the vote.

Damerla is replacing Ward 7 long-time councillor Nando Iannicca who stepped down in January.  “It feels good to be elected again,” said the former Mississauga East-Cooksville MPP during her victory speech on Monday.  Damerla lost her seat in the last provincial election that swept the Ontario PC party to power.