Extreme weather has had significant impact on infrastructure residents use daily – roads, sidewalks and curbs creating many pot holes in Mississauga.

Winter has taken a toll on some of Mississauga’s infrastructure. Each spring, the City of Mississauga starts its seasonal road repair work filling pot-holes, repairing sidewalks and damaged curbs caused by winter conditions.

The City maintains about 5,660 kilometres of roadway and uses approximately 17,000 tonnes of asphalt for road repair helping more than a million commuters that use bicycle lanes or local roads to connect to various highways to and from Mississauga every day. City crews work to repair damaged pot holes, divots and disintegrating asphalt to keep individuals and their families safe for all driving, riding and walking conditions.

pot holes

With temperatures fluctuating between freezing and thawing, water expands and melts inside road asphalt causing areas to crack, sink or break off creating the potholes,” said Mickey Frost, Director of Works Operations and Maintenance. “In Mississauga, we repair individual potholes as a cost-effective way for the City to maintain its road network. We monitor road conditions year round and identify areas that need repairs and fix them as soon as the weather allows.”

Last year, residents helped the City by reporting more than 340 potholes online through mississauga.ca/portal/services/pot-holes-or-road-damage, Pingstreet (mobile application) or by contacting 3-1-1.

Residents and visitors can expect some delays on the streets as crews begin working to repair roads and sidewalks. Residents are encouraged to continue to take transit, drive according to road conditions use any form of transportation that allows them to reach their destination safely.

Learn more at mississauga.ca/portal/residents/roads.