Biking has become an increasingly popular method of transit in Mississauga. That’s why last year we posed the question of whether ot not Mississauga should implement a bike sharing system akin to that in Toronto, and why we recently pointed you in the direction of the best places to buy bikes in the city, and also the best places to ride them.

Particularly since the start of COVID-19 and the city-wide shutdown, more and more people have turned to biking as a way to get some exercise and get out of their house for a while. So it comes as exciting news that the city is currently acting to expan the bike lanes to acommodate easier social distancing.

Historically bike lanes have been narrow passages on the side of the road, where two bikes can just about pass each other without clipping handlebars. Well that’s about to change as the city adds a whopping 17.9 KM of bicycle lanes to Mississauga’s road infrastucture. The director of Infrastructure Planning and Engineering Services for the city, Helen Noehammer, had the following to say in a news release:

“Staff from across the organization have listened to residents and we recognize the immediate need for more options to travel safely by bike or foot, in both the long-term and the short-term […] We’re reprioritizing our work plans and using relatively simple materials, available budget and existing contracts in order to accelerate this work.”

Mississauga Staycation

That isn’t the only change though, Mississauga has also made it so that certain “quiet streets” will only accomadate local traffic, making it safer for the people who live on the streets. The council has also expressed an interest in closing roads in busy areas like Port Credit to accomodate large gatherings of people on weekends and during festivals – though it’s unclear how this would affect the already-overworked traffic situation.

Thinhs continue to change and evolve on a weekly basis as we try to live in the “new normal”, but adding additional bike lanes and spacing to the city is certainly not a bad thing. There’s never been a better time to be a cyclist in Mississauga, so check out those links above and get out there!