This upcoming fall, paid parking will be introduced in the Village of Streetsville. Although paid parking carries a negative connotation, there are benefits to it. The benefits can greatly impact the environment and the community as a whole.

Less congestion

By making sure the parking spots are never completely full, paid parking hopes to reduce circling and thus congestion on city streets. This reduces the amount of emissions that are released into the air. It also means more spots available when you need it and provides more opportunity to find a spot close to where you need to go.

Higher transit use

Implementing a paid parking system will encourage people to explore other transportation options. These include lower to no emission options like walking, biking or taking public transit. Although the GO Train only operates at certain times through Streetsville, there are plenty of GO and Miway buses running throughout the day. If you happen to live close enough walk into the village, you can take time to enjoy the beautiful streetscapes they have to offer.

More tax revenue

Parking can have a positive impact on a city’s bottom line by increases their tax revenue. The money generated will be used to better our city. This will benefit city operated programs and initiatives.