Halloween is right around the corner and that means all of our spooky feelers are out. On top of the usual eeriness of the month, we also had Friday The 13th and suddenly everyone is in the mood for all things scary.

Well you don’t have to wait until October 31st to enjoy the Halloween spirit! Obviously, you can go for beautiful walks with the crunch of the autumn leaves under foot, grab a pumpkin spice latte from Tim Horton’s, and watch as many scary movies as you can cram into a day.

However there’s one more activity you can partake in that will 100% get you in the spirit and get your heart-rate up: visit one of Mississauga’s most haunted locations! Sounds crazy right? Well not really, these places are definitely creepy and have a genuine history of ghost sightings/weird noises/tragedy’s, but almost all of them are perfectly functional locations that are open to the public. So let’s have a look at Mississauga’s most haunted locations, where you can visit and take in a unique aura.

Cherry Hill House

(680 Silver Creek Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5A 3K7)

We’ll start with probably the most well-known location in all of Sauga, Cherry Hill House. Moreover, this haunted house is one of the most famous supernatural locations in all of Canada!

Cherry Hill House was built in 1822 and legend has it that it is being haunted by up to six ghosts! From a woman riding a horse, to a long-forgotten son who opens and closes the front door, folk have visited Cherry Hill House for many years, in the hopes of catching something themselves. You can visit the house whenever you choose, as the ground floor is a pub, so you can grab some grub and a beer while you soak in the atmosphere.

Cuchlainn’s Irish Pub

(158 Queen St S, Mississauga, ON L5M 1K8)

Cuchlainn’s Irish Pub, located in Streetsville, is a very popular location for locals and those from all over Mississauga.

Cuchlainn’s wasn’t always a pub however, it was a home to a family in the early 1900’s. Rumour has it that the family had a daughter who was unfortunately handicapped and, the time period being what it was, the family kept her locked in the basement while company was visiting. Over a hundred years later, visitors say you can still hear the basement door rattle!

Glenerin Inn & Spa

(1695 The Collegeway, Mississauga, ON L5L 3S7)

The Glenerin Inn was built to be an extravagant summer home to the wealthy Watson Family. Shortly after competition of the home however, Mr. Watson passed-away and was buried nearby.

In the years following Mr. Watson’s death, the property changed hands multiple times until eventually becoming the popular inn that it is today. Visitors to the inn have claimed seeing multiple apparitions but the most common is a man stoking the fire in The Great Hall, perhaps old Mr. Watson just tending the house he didn’t get to enjoy.

The Old Barber House

(5155 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, ON L5M 2L9)

The Old Barber House in Mississauga is an historic location that, like so many, was once home to a family before they passed on and the building was re-purposed. In this case, The Old Barber House went on to become a restaurant but it too has now closed down. The building is currently unused.

The Old Barber House is said to be haunted by three ghosts, all of whom come from the original family. The most prominent ghost of all is said to be Mr. Barber’s three year old daughter, who died of some disease in 1860.

Harding Waterfront Estate

(2700 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J)

The Harding Waterfront Estate is located along Lakeshore Road East and has changed names multiple times, and been owned by more than one family.

There are said to be up to four ghosts in the mansion, including a singing woman, a giggling child, and an angry man. These ghosts were supposedly uncovered as part of a ghost hunting expedition and the team felt very unwelcome on the estate. This would be a perfect visit for any spooky seekers this Halloween!